• Indirect Decompression / Superion

    Indirect Decompression / Superion

    This minimally invasive procedure is safe and effective for patients suffering from back and leg pain caused by moderate lumbar stenosis. Moreover, this treatment is often recommended for patients who have not experienced pain relief from conservative therapy, such as epidural steroid injections, but still require a treatment that is considered a minimally invasive surgery. A small incision in the lower back to make room for the implant. The Superion implant is then delivered between the spinous process bones resulting in expanding the spinal canal and compressed nerves. This simple procedure can be completed in under one hour and can be done in either the operating room at the hospital or at an outpatient surgical center. The Superion implant allows patients to significantly improve their ambulatory endurance and greatly decrease low back and leg pain and fatigue.


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"After years of suffering from cluster headaches and finding no solutions from nearly every medical specialty, Dr. Smith instantly identified the source of my pain and worked with me to develop a plan of action. I can now enjoy the outdoor activities, like hiking, that I had stopped doing."
Rebecca R.
"I love to garden but the arthritis in my hands made a former joy too painful. Dr. Smith, working closely with my rheumatologist, made sure that my pain was resolved. I am now back in the garden."
Gwen O.
"Both Dr. Smith and Dr. Thompson have been a good, if not great, experience for me. I have had difficult and long [term] problems. Both of them do this job because they care deeply. [They] both show me their first desire is to help me live a functional life with this chronic pain."
"I was totally disabled and unable to work to support my family because of back pain after an injury at work. Dr. Smith put me in a stepwise program to try different approaches on a trial basis to see what worked best for me. He patiently laid out the options and helped me to make choices that have now resulted in my being pain free for almost a year."
Robert J.

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