Just Some Amazing Patient Reviews

See how San Diego Comprehensive Pain Management Center has helped countless people in pain


I had been to numerous pain doctors/clinics previously to no avail. . . . . The biggest difference [about Dr. Smith] was he cared! . . . In a very real sense he saved my life. . . He gave me back a quality of life. All of these years, he has never stopped caring. He is not only a great doctor, he is a wonderful man. 


Another patient writes: 

Since I came to see Doctor Smith . . . it was a miracle. . . . . The Doctor saved my life. . . . . Thank God for my pain management doctor. 


Still another writes: 

Dr. David J. Smith . . . is the [doctor] who I trust very much . . . and I could not see myself without his care. 


And yet another writes: 

I was self medicating to deal with two crushed discs and my life was a mess. The combination of pain meds and back shots reduced  the pain to a manageable level. Street drugs & alcohol are no longer in my life. I now have a good life & I want to thank you for helping me. 

One patient described her leg pain as being so severe that, when she came to see Dr. Smith, she wanted to have her legs amputated. But then she recounted:  

Dr. Smith assured me he would do everything he could to help me. The first time in years I was able to smile past the tears of pain. I no longer desire my lower extremities amputated.  Although RSD is a part of my life; Dr. Smith’s series of medical treatments, medications have helped me live with my condition. I have not been bedridden in over 25 years and I am grateful Dr. Smith. 

Another patient pleaded: 

[A]ll he wants is the best pain control for his patients.